Key words and use of jewelry box and color box

- Jul 10, 2017-

Paste the machine with a paste tape to import PET (polyester), yellow (white) kraft paper and other substrates, coated with polyolefin hot melt adhesive and prepared.

Adhesive characteristics: paste the machine tape paste excellent performance, moderate thickness, stiffness is good, strong pull, high and low temperature resistance, adhesive performance lasting.

Applicable products: The machine is mainly used in the production process of the gift box, and has the effect of the initial forming effect on the corners, hexagonal and octagonal joints of the gray board, MDF board, wood board, carton, carton and tray.

     The machine is mainly used for making all kinds of gift boxes, jewelry boxes, Jiuhe, cell phone boxes, shirt boxes, shoeboxes, moon cake boxes, tea boxes, underwear boxes, ginseng boxes, file boxes.