Computer screen protective film how to paste no blisters Notes those

- Jul 10, 2017-

No bubble protection film scratch resistance super

Tells no bubble protection film scratch resistance super. No bubble protective film of the strong silicone can be perfectly adsorbed on the screen, even if there are fine dust will be silica gel adsorption, will not produce any bubbles. The second characteristic is that the thickening of the use layer of the film results in a super scratch resistance of the protective film.

1 Please read the instructions before installing the package, compare the size of the LCD protective film with the screen size is the same size;

2 to install as much as possible to find a small dust environment, the product consists of three layers of film, affixed with "(1) hand tear label layer is peelable protective layer, no labeling layer is a protective film; Membrane (2).

3 computer screen protective film and stripped protective layer in contact with the side of the installation in the screen surface;

4 must be installed before the LCD screen surface wipe clean, do not have obvious dirt, in particular, do not leave the particulate matter, there are particles when the dust will produce bubbles;

5 because the computer screen protective film using anion electrostatic adsorption technology, tear off the peelable protective layer will be adsorbed in the air of small dust, so we recommend tearing off the protective layer as soon as possible after a short time to install a successful;

6 paste LCD protective film operating speed not too fast, tear off the re-paste do not tear too fast to prevent deformation of the LCD protective film;

7 paste liquid film process can produce small bubbles after the soft cloth extrusion, but also allow it to naturally disappear;

8 after the paste if you want to tear off, you can use a transparent adhesive stick to the protective film of a corner slowly brought down.

Computer screen protection film Note: BenQ computer screen protective film electrostatic adsorption, no other sticky material; try to avoid the use of sharp objects scratch the protective cover; make sure to paste the LCD protective film before the screen clean; do not LCD protection Fold or twist caused by creases or deformation can not be flattened. The market is filled with a wide variety of liquid crystal protective film, which is made by electrostatic adsorption method (paste type), once after a long time you want to remove it when you will find a thick layer Glue left on your host screen, it is not easy to clean him up, sometimes accidentally or even hurt the screen. The Poor liquid crystal protective film attached to the screen, there will be a lot of bubbles, a direct impact on your vision. And the wear resistance is not high, the use of liquid crystal protective film is very short time. Poor light transmittance of the LCD film will hurt the eyes, some experts say, under normal circumstances the phone screen itself has been very low light intensity, paste a layer of LCD protective film will increase the fatigue of the eyes, a long time, Causing harm to vision.