Easy to glue the adhesive double-sided adhesive

- Jul 10, 2017-

Cotton paper double-sided adhesive is made of ordinary cotton or non-woven fabric, double-sided coated with acrylic glue, coupled with single or double-layer release material composition.

Features and uses:

1. According to the needs of different models, with different materials fit, the development of a variety of special double-sided tape;

2. Has a good initial tack, peel force and high temperature retention;

3. The series has a variety of high temperature, flame retardant double-sided tape;

2. Cotton paper double-sided adhesive is widely used in PE, EVA, CR, SBR foam, rubber Ottomans, PE, PP, PC and other films, aluminum foil Mylar, chromium plate and other materials bonding paste;

5. Double, multiple composite materials, easy to die-cutting, suitable for electronic die-cutting industry processing and production;

 Instructions for use:

* To paste the surface of the oil, moisture, dust and other debris clean;

* Due to the use of pressure-sensitive adhesive, so the need to use pressure roller or punching equipment to give adequate pressure;

* Because the adhesive tape itself needs a certain amount of time to fully play out, so paste in the last few minutes, please be careful not to tape to withstand greater pressure;

* When using, please pay attention to the initial adhesive force and aging changes, so as to confirm in advance.