Tape Exhibition Must Have Marketing Goals And Plans

- Feb 05, 2018-

To create the best marketing results of the tape exhibition, we must determine the specific goals and plan the implementation plan to achieve the marketing goals.

(1) to establish the marketing target of the belt exhibition. Every year, we should use research data to set specific goals for all segments, and express them clearly in written form, so that each person concerned can get the same information. In addition, the monthly mark must be practical and motivating.

(2) the formulation of action plans. As soon as the target is determined, it must have a corresponding action plan to ensure the realization of the target. Every market segment and business segment should have specific action plans, and contain at least 6 parts: a summary of the target market segments or business types. A detailed description of the target customer; prices, special activities, or forthcoming promotions; specific marketing goals; action steps; budget. The action plan should be specific and need personalized attention and need to be implemented by special people.