Domestic Tape Electronic Die Cutting Tape: Higher Quality And Low Price

- Feb 02, 2018-

Domestic electronic tape die tape 7 Series rapid tinno mobile phone Apple mobile phone can be in possession of the mobile phone market share to replace the import tape



Domestic tape electronic die cutting tape

The domestic electronic die cutting tape has many advantages: the quality is stable, the price is low, the butt production is fast and the time of delivery is very fast.

This product is a kind of PET or PVC as the substrate, double-sided acrylic polymer coating adhesive, composite chemiacal / industrial use adhesive film tape, choose from a variety of thickness between 30um and 325um, mainly used in digital electronics industry label, LCD backlight, LCD panel, metal frame machine etc. component adhesive.



Domestic adhesive tape occupies the market share flexibly and quickly. Crown, contact LEE13077494888 Foshan City thick energy Electronics Co., Ltd.

Flexible substrate, with high bonding strength for surface and rough Stickies



Excellent temperature resistance and moisture resistance

Can be customized according to customer requirements from the type of material, such as brown white glassine paper, glassine paper, film etc.