LEDinside: The Size Of The Industrial Lighting Market In 2022 Will Reach $5 Billion 687 Million

- Feb 12, 2018-

Dramexchange consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) latest report "2018 industrial lighting and patio lamp Market Report" said that with the traditional halogen lamp and LED product price stability tends to be replaced, the global LED lighting industry market growth significantly, 2018 in Europe is the largest market share, followed by the mainland and China the United States, but from a volume perspective, China mainland market accounted for the largest, mainly due to Chinese, market price is low, thus affecting its market value accounting. In 2018, the scale of the global industrial lighting market reached 3 billion 934 million US dollars, with an estimated annual growth rate of 10% over the past 2018-2022 years, and the industrial lighting market will reach 5 billion 687 million US dollars by 2022.

The field of industrial lighting covers the fields of energy, hydropower, mining, industrial manufacturing and processing, public infrastructure, and telecommunications facilities. The main products are Tianjing lamp, floodlight and explosion-proof lamp. According to LEDinside research, according to the types of lamps and lanterns, the main lamps used for industrial lighting are LED High/Low (High/Low Bay), which accounts for about 86%. Therefore, the study of LED patio lights is the focus of developing the industrial lighting market.

According to LEDinside analysis, the ranking of the 20 leading industrial lighting manufacturers in the world is ranked. The top five industrial lighting manufacturers include Eaton Lighting, Philips Lighting, Acuity Brands, Hubbell and GE. The whole series of Dialight and Trevos provides LED industrial lighting products. According to LEDinside analysis, the operating mode of industrial lighting manufacturer is divided into brand group, niche lighting manufacturer and agent manufacturer.

Brand group management model: European and American lighting manufacturers are mostly group brand management, product line covers industrial, commercial, home, architecture and other fields. According to the company's specialties, Eaton Lighting, Acuity Brands and Hubbell are the main electric companies with a revenue of $3-5 billion

Niche market access is king: blocking foreign manufacturers in terms of specifications, standard cases and customs duties, and policy incentives, subsidies, etc., to encourage local lighting manufacturers to develop rapidly lighting products. Lighting manufacturers mainly rely on ocean king and Huarong stock. The annual revenue scale is 1.3-2 billion, and the marine products are mainly used in electric power, railway, military industry and other fields. Huarong shares are mainly used in petrochemical, coal and other fields.

The foundry manufacturers: represented by Shenhai, Zhong Pu and other manufacturers, mainly based on OEM. The annual revenue scale is 5-30 million dollars. The products include explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof floodlights and emergency lights. At present, the traditional lighting is mainly, and the penetration of LED lighting is increasing year by year.