How To Remove The Residual Gum Teflon Tape

- Feb 12, 2018-

After the high temperature roasting of PTFE adhesive tape, there will be residual glue and overflow. The tiny residue can be found by hand or close observation. This tiny residue has a great influence on production. This phenomenon may be the data of high temperature resistance of tape, which does not meet the production requirements. The requirement of high temperature resistance is usually 210-260 degrees, so we should first confirm whether it meets the production requirements before production.

If the line temperature is too high, not in the scope of the process requirements, there will be residual glue, should check whether the normal temperature sensor; high temperature Teflon tape product itself quality problems in the coating production process if not strictly in accordance with the PSA data and curing temperature curing, the curing time is not enough or the coating line speed is too fast. Will cause the glue, glue, coating substrate three can not with components; when the rubber roll coating by coating Teflon tape coating machine, semi-finished products are generally required after standing for 2-3 days to rewinding cutting, this is mainly to let the glue and glue material fully integrated, fully cured in nature state, if not completely cured by slitting rewinder, there will be residual gum.

According to the first residue phenomenon, and the key is to control the quality of Teflon tape, before production should be carried out preliminary screening test of ozone at high temperature, meet the requirements of the company before use.

The Teflon tape belongs to high technology, in the production process of raw materials contain chemical ingredients, and each customer use environment, coating equipment, technical requirements, production process and operation and so on many factors, in the production process will inevitably appear abnormal phenomenon.

If it is in the production process in the residue phenomenon, should be stored separately, remove abnormal workpiece, in order to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, to increase inspection efforts through online products, bad statistics for a period of time or a certain amount of analysis of the percentage of residual gum rate, also should check the actual situation of this batch of tape to find out the root of the problem, so in the production process did not appear similar phenomenon.

For the parts with residual glue, in order to reduce the cost, we can use these alcohol or adhesive tape to remove glue for the work pieces. The method is to wipe the cotton cloth with a small amount of alcohol, and use the same type of tape to stick it out.