Shanghai International Coating And Coil Processing Technology Exhibition (C+C)

- Mar 21, 2018-

Coating based processing technology has been widely used in paper, functional membrane materials / diaphragm / foil, new adhesive materials (adhesive tape / protective film / optical film / sticky label, etc.), fabric / non-woven fabric and other coil industry.

Shanghai international coating and coil processing technology exhibition (C+C) new material product display and manufacturing and processing technology to create the global web industry first commercial trade exchange platform, and actively promote the film, including new material (adhesive tape / film / film / optical adhesive label etc.), progress and development process processing technology of functional paper, metal foil, foam and non-woven and film sheet for industry, soft packaging and printing, electronic, automotive, medical, optical communications, food, lithium, photovoltaic, water treatment, composite materials, health care, industrial manufacturing and other fields more than more than 20 industries to provide advanced materials and technology and product solutions.

The current C+C will be held in conjunction with "APFE2018". The total scale of the exhibition will exceed 26800 square meters, about more than 700 exhibitors and over 25 thousand professional spectators. The excellent exhibition scale and the quality of the visitors will jointly show the industry's annual industry event.