Pipe Duct Tape

- Feb 27, 2018-


A. is a composite of polyethylene and fiber as base material, plastic coated fiber release agent, surface coating and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive.

B. is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the substrate and coated with rubber type pressure sensitive adhesive. With a balanced stripping force, initial adhesion, tensile strength,

Resistance to oil and wax. Aging resistance, temperature resistance, cold resistance, leak proof, waterproof, corrosion resistance and so on.

Uses: pipeline sealing, stitching, splicing, surface protection of goods. Railway, vehicles, shipbuilding, machinery, machinery, construction, repair, binding, color separation and marking, etc.

Color: silver gray, black

Grade: ordinary pipe tape, advanced duct tape

Black cloth tape

The characteristics of black tape

It is resistant to oil and wax, aging resistance, temperature resistance, leak proof and corrosion protection.

The product has the characteristics of easy tearing, strong stickiness, good adherence, good weatherability, waterproof use and so on.

Good stickiness to the cement ground after a little residual glue. Easy to tear. Cold resistance is good.

It is suitable for sealing, suturing, stitching, protecting the surface of goods, railway, vehicles, shipbuilding, mechanical and mechanical, machinery, construction, repair, binding, color and mark, etc.

Viscous force parameters of black tape

Test value test result of reference value of inspection item

Mesh (mesh) 70 + 370 qualified

Total thickness (MM) 0.20 + 0.01 0.20 qualified

Initial adhesion (#) more than 1017 qualified

180 peel force (oz/in) more than 60.19 qualified 97.29

Retention (mm/h) more than 40 qualified 48.7

The test environment was T=23 C + 2 C, RH=65% + 5% T=23 C, RH=60% qualified

This product is a common type of adhesive tape, can be used for heavy-duty packaging. Sealed strapping. Sealing. Repair. Bookbinding. Mark and color carpet joints combined. Waterproof bag.

Installed. To protect the surface. Fixed. Wires. Telephone line protection pipes. Fixed technology etc., with no residual adhesive, environmental protection.