Four New Trends In Home Industry

- Mar 08, 2018-

The rise of a new generation of consumer groups, the change of the concept of market demand, the development and change of the building materials industry. The new trends in the home industry are becoming more and more obvious: customization, environmental protection, simplicity and intelligence.

Recently, in an interview with reporters, industry insiders have said, with the development of building materials industry itself and the environment, economic policy, and the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, the overall market demand or change at any time, the future business needs based on changes in the market, seize the development of Home Furnishing building materials industry trend. To:

A "custom" uplink space big

Custom furniture concept touted for many years in the past year, this kind of personalized furniture has gradually become the common normal family decoration. Insiders said: "once publicly disclosed, the developed countries accounted for 60% of the total market share of customized furniture, and now China's custom furniture accounts for only 20% of the market. As people demand more and more home life, the proportion of custom-made furniture will increase steadily year by year. At present, the domestic market custom furniture is still in the beginning stage, the future development space is still very big.

B environmental protection is becoming more and more important

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic, and this topic has also led to consumers' attention to environmental protection. "People used to think that environmental protection is important, but now consumers are becoming more and more aware that environmental protection is the first place before the beauty and function. Many adults will also choose the more stable style in the children's furniture as the use of adult furniture, and it can be seen that consumers pay attention to the environmental protection of furniture. The head of a children's furniture distribution shop told the reporter.

High speed development of C smart home

"Domestic smart home started late, and now it has not developed into a climate, but this trend is unstoppable." In the interview, almost every building material dealer and designer said it.

With the development of science and technology, "smart" has become a way of life and social trends, the same year and the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, Home Furnishing industry began to pay attention to user needs and keep up with the social trend, research involved in intelligent Home Furnishing, for the convenience of the same consumer life, also increase the enterprise competitiveness in the market.

D simple wind rolls back

In the last Home Furnishing fashion trends, simple modern wind is American and European luxury style over the edge. "Since 2017, the simple wind and the cold wind have come back again." Ms. Zhao, an apple decorator, told reporters. "This year, it is obvious that many owners feel that they are more inclined to be simple, do not make complicated TV walls, sofa background walls and ceiling, but choose Nordic minimalism, Japanese style simplicity and modern simplicity. The style of home textile is also fresh and pure. But in the quality of furniture, consumers are more concerned, such as pure solid wood furniture, floor, pure cotton, silk material, and so on. "The cost of these consumables is not low, but the style is simple," Ms. Zhao said. "It's a low-key and luxurious feeling."