Tape Sealing Machine Should Be Paid Attention To When Replacing Tape:

- Jan 26, 2018-

The application of tape sealing machine is widely used, and tape installation and replacement is one of the essential operations during the installation process, there are security risks, too, is likely to be injured, so Shanghai Zongyi special to share with you the automatic sealing machine in replacing tape of the matters needing attention:

1., when changing the adhesive tape, the belt sealing machine should pay special attention to the location of the cutter. When the belt is wrapped around the tape, the action of the operator can not be too large. We must be careful to avoid being stabbed by the cutting knife.

2. when put on the tape, the tape head must be with the circumstances, must be with partial resection. During resection, hard pull tape, hand can not be too much, because the tape is easy to break the material goods, if too much force, it is easy to be injured hand;

3. when replacing tape, please note that the adhesive surface of the tape must be facing.

The good and bad installation of the sealed tape is an important factor affecting the sealing effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the sealing effect and the safety of the operator, please pay attention to the above matters during installation.

Common fault analysis of tape sealing machine:

First, the use of sealing machine nail clamping action is too slow or insufficient: nail clamping stroke bolt loose, front buckle or machine plate wear, the bolt is screwed down, pay attention to the correct position of the front buckle shaft, can replace the front button or trigger in the film, the completion of the action, to test its function, if the action slow down fine-tuning before fastening shaft, if the trip is too short to fine tune the anterior cingulate axis;