What is no base material and double-sided adhesive?

- Feb 26, 2018-

No substrate double-sided adhesive glue coating and acrylic acid by direct pressing, tape, transparent color, common specifications: 0.06-0.13MM thickness, has excellent bonding effect, can prevent the loss and excellent waterproof performance, good processability, good temperature resistance, chemical stability, thermal stability, good dimensional stability, initial adhesion and a good sticky; can be used in a wider temperature range and bad environment; the long-term temperature of 80-95 degrees, short term temperature can reach 180-205 deg;

Main models: 3M:3M467, 3M468, 3M9731, 3M9473, 3M9460, 3M966 and so on.

Product application: for the paste of panels, shock resistant cotton pasting, door and window seal (three yuan ethylene propylene), metal and plastic paste and so on.