What are the main uses of the laminated film?

- Mar 08, 2018-

For food packaging materials requirements do not change color, not taste, not bad, can prolong the storage time, but with oxygen and aroma barrier resistance, oil film, water resistance, strong toughness, anti moisture performance is not all. Of course, the pressure layer is not exceptional, although it is a kind of excellent oxygen barrier properties and aroma resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and anti wet but not enough. Due to the recent lamination technology, vinylon film and have resistance and anti Ariadne of polyethylene and polypropylene composite, such as the POE, as a result of food packaging film for extremely fine materials. The film is a group of PVA composite film materials, laminated films with excellent performance, suitable for the food packaging.

What are the main uses of the laminated film

Cheese products: butter, cheese, margarine, mayonnaise.

Processed meat: thin slices of ham, sausage, and bacon.

Tea: coffee, cocoa and black tea.

Processed food: pasta, noodles, potato chips, broth paste.

Beans: creamy peanut kernels.

Spicy ingredients: curry powder and pepper.

Oil flavor; soy sauce, tomato sauce.