Two methods of making glue in common use

- Mar 22, 2018-

Core hints: two methods of making common glue

Glue: the glue that is used generally.

(1) formula: 10 grams of Arabia gum, 10 grams of starch, 40 grams of sugar, suitable for water.

(2) method: first, dissolve the gum with the appropriate amount of water, add sugar and starch, then boil the mixture for several minutes, then dissolve the starch, and then dilute it to the proper consistency.

Two methods of making glue in common use

Another recipe for glue is also introduced here for reference.

Formula: 40 grams of Arabia gum, 5 grams of glycerin, 0.1 grams of salicylic acid and 120 ml of water.

Process: the raw material and quantity described in the formula are boiled in the porcelain container, so that it is completely dissolved into glue. If there is a precipitation phenomenon, then, make it clear, and then the upper layer of clarification, and discarded to precipitate turbidity.