Transparent tape used in life

- Jul 10, 2017-

Remember that a long time ago, whenever the middle of the year when the couple had to use the flour to make batter, with batter to apply to the child although it can play the role of paste, but this process often makes our hands get dirty And is very troublesome. Since the emergence of transparent tape, life in the need to paste some of the things it will be done, both convenient and fast, but some of its other uses do not know you know?

   Of course, no matter what purpose it has, and his adhesion and transparency can not be divided. Do not know in life you have not tried to use this transparent tape. If you want to take a test with the information, and you can not bring too much information into the examination room, this time the transparent tape may help you. You can be transparent tape will be attached to the information you want to bring the tape and then tear off the tape, of course, when the tear must not take the word out, and then tape the tape attached to the blank with your material, which is Is not it great?

   In the winter when we often wear clothes out of the hair, whole body of the plush is not beautiful, this time if there is no special around the body paste the plush of the tool, you may wish to try to use transparent glue off the body plush, this effect The same is true.

   In life, I also tried to use a transparent tape stick to the body of the hair, this effect is also very good, but when the tear tape when the skin will feel a certain pain.