The influence of kraft paper tape and tape

- Mar 12, 2018-

The influence of kraft paper tape and tape

Kraft paper tape is widely used in various industries. In the chemical industry, the market of adhesive tape, maintenance film and self-adhesive market is expanding rapidly. China has become the adhesive industry in the world, producing factories and consuming countries, increasing at a high rate every year.

For the same kind of adhesive tape, if its molecular weight or molecular weight distribution is different, for the same kind of adhesive tape, if its composition is different, the processing performance of the tape and the mechanical properties and physical and chemical properties of the film will be different. Both the transparent tape and the kraft paper tape are affected by their raw materials. This suggests that we should pay attention to the grade and grade of the polymer when choosing the raw material of the tape. When producing plastic film, some additives are often added to the polymer. The kinds and properties of these additives have a significant effect on the properties of the thin films.

In the production of kraft paper tape, the polymer and some additives are often mixed in a certain proportion to improve the performance of some aspects.

Influence of adhesive tape raw materials on adhesive tape

1, polyethylene adding lubricant of the adhesive tape of raw materials, to improve the smoothness of the tape, in 2, polyethylene films were prepared, because of its easy decomposition that must be added stabilizer.

3, the adhesive tape must have a reasonable formula, and the material in the formula should have a proper proportion. The performance of the tape can be changed by adjusting the composition and proportion.

With the acceleration of economic globalization and the rapid development of Chinese economy, China has become the largest and most absorbing market in the Dangdai era. Adhesive industry has become the most vital tension property in China's chemical industry. Along with the development of economy and technology, the scope of use is widening. For example, stickers and adhesive tape have been used in carpenters, papermaking, packaging, mobile phones, optoelectronics, communications, automotive, textile, electronics, medical industry and so on.