How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of color sealing tape

- Feb 01, 2018-

For colored tape how to distinguish between good and bad? For the color of the tape is for the convenience of marking and covering use, the general yellow and soil yellow is more. The color of the tape a lot of people think of the color of the film, in fact, the color is the color of glue. It will tighten the glue and pull it off quickly. You can pull out the glue on one side, and you can see the purity and transparency of the original film.

The most important thing is to see the thickness of the glue. If no glue is opened or open, there is a lot of impurities in this glue, and the glue has no cohesive force. Two is too much water, has volatilized, at this time this kind of adhesive tape initial adhesive force has fallen very badly, the feeling can be distinguished. The yellow tape is coated on the object. The thicker the glue is, the better the quality of the glue. The adhesive tape in the appearance of the comparison, less glue, mixed with the tape of the whole volume of the color is very deep, after the opening of the tape, high transmittance. The color of the good tape is not quite different from the color after the opening, because the good masking of the good sealing tape does not exist in the color superposition. The inferior tape doped to impurities onto BOPP coated film, only the use of backward direct glue, so there is often a large impurity particles is not completely dissolved the stick knife, so the tape in use often have the line (a place without glue).  Good soft cut glue tape transfer way, there is no line of (printed tape leak ink to printing machine for printing fewer).

Another way to distinguish is to see the surface of the tape. There are bubbles when the tape has just finished the finished products. After a week, the bubbles will basically disperse. The tincture of the pure tincture and the adhesive tape has no surface. There are many irregular distribution of white spots with impurities, which are not the same as bubbles.

To sum up, everyone on the tape from the appearance has been able to judge the quality of the adhesive tape, a tape is good the most important condition is not alone and feel viscosity, because the tape doping when there is no volatile initial bonding strength is very high, so to use tape to paste the object and then quickly pulled to see holding force then, repeatedly pasted several times touch, feel his obvious decline. When the adhesive tape is used to make the glue formula, it usually needs to be dissolved by gasoline and acid, so the smell is very large. Regular large enterprises are dissolving with toluene and evaporated in the coating process.

There is another problem. What is the difference between the good and bad tapes in use? Actually, the purpose of using adhesive tape is not to stick, but to stick firmly and not to separate. Most of the adhesive tape is open to work after packaging for a period of time (20 minutes to 1 hours), and it can't be pasted again, especially in a low temperature environment and windy drying. Second, the inferior adhesive tape is easily broken and the strength is very low, which is mainly related to the quality of the membrane. Paper tube adhesive tape paper tube regular production are using higher density, cut no scraps of paper, paper tape and pipe thickness of 100 meters is 3 mm, 100 meters is 4-5 mm, and small businesses for blind consumption using thick paper tube, usually the thickness reached 5-7 mm thickness, which in appearance relatively large, but the film thickness is very obvious is out. So choose the tape time to look at the tape width and the thickness of adhesive tape, also note that because of inferior tape with a lot of impurities, so the gap when the coiling tape are undetectable, so the same number of meters under the condition of volume will be relatively large, in order to deceive consumers.