How to distinguish between good and bad stickers?

- Apr 09, 2018-

Self-adhesive materials are widely used in the printing industry. The use methods are becoming more and more mature. The quality of self-adhesive materials is also increasing. Of course, there are also some inferior counterfeit products. How do you distinguish the quality of self-adhesive materials?

1. Surface material: the surface material. In general, any flexible material can be used as a self-adhesive material fabric, the type of surface material depends on the final application and printing process.

Surface material to be able to:

A. Suitable for printing and printing, with good ink receptivity

B. Have enough strength to accept various processing

C. The surface gloss and color consistency of the surface material, and the uniformity of the density, determine the uniformity of the ink-absorbing material of the adhesive material and the color difference of the same lot of labels.

2. Surface coating:

Used to change the surface properties of the face material. Such as improving the surface tension, changing the color, adding a protective layer, etc., to make it more acceptable ink and easy to print, to prevent dirt, increase the adhesion of ink and prevent the printed images from falling off.

A. Surface coating is mainly used for non-absorbent materials such as aluminum foil, aluminized paper and various types of film materials.

B. Coating strength determines whether a large amount of paper powder will be produced during printing, which is an important indicator of the quality of printing.

3. Apply the bottom layer:

It is the same as the surface coating, but coated on the back of the face material, the main purpose of the coating is:

A. Protect surface materials to prevent adhesive penetration

B. Increase the opacity of the fabric;

C. Increase the adhesion between the adhesive and the surface material;

D. Prevent the plasticizer in the plastic surface material from penetrating into the adhesive, affecting its adhesive properties, resulting in a decrease in the adhesive force of the label and the label falling off.

4. Glue:

Glue is the medium between the label material and the bonding substrate and acts as a bonding agent. According to their characteristics can be divided into two kinds of permanent and removable. It has a variety of recipes for different face materials and different occasions. Adhesives are the most important ingredient in adhesive material technology and are key to the application of labeling technology.

5. Backing paper:

The role of the bottom paper is to receive release agent coating, protect the adhesive on the back of the face material, support the face material, enable it to die cut, waste and labeling on the labeling machine. As with the face stock, the uniformity of the thickness of the backing paper and the indication of the strength of the backing paper are not only related to the printing performance but also an important indicator of die cutting uniformity and the speed and edge breakage at the time of discharge.