People's Republic of China chemical industry standard

- Jan 26, 2018-

1 subject content and scope of application

This standard specifies the classification, technical requirements, test methods, test rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of the kraft paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

This standard applies only to kraft paper as base material, positive pressure sensitive adhesive is applied on the front side, and the roll up kraft paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape is coated on the back side (hereinafter referred to as adhesive tape). The adhesive tape is mainly used in carton packing.

2 reference standard

Determination of GB 455.1 paper tearing degree

Determination of 180 degree peeling strength of GB 2792 pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Viscosity testing method for GB 4851 pressure sensitive adhesive tape

Test method for tensile properties of GB 7753 pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

3 product classification

The specification of adhesive tape shall be in accordance with table 

1Note: the special specifications are agreed by both suppliers and suppliers.

The adhesive tape is not allowed to damage the base material or tear after the tape is deconvolution.

4 technical requirements

4.1.1 quality products: both sides are smooth, smooth, seamless, deformed, no spilled glue and joint.

4.1.2 grade: both sides are very smooth, slightly cracks, deformation and overflow, allowing 1 joint.

4.1.3 qualified products: no serious gap, deformation and overflow, 50m long adhesive tape allows 2 joints.

4.2 physical properties