Correct selection of absorbing materials for suitable products

- Mar 21, 2018-

Electricity escapes into the air when it flows in the channel, which is called the so-called electromagnetic wave. These complex electromagnetic waves can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) if the energy is large enough to affect the functional and environmental pollution of the product and the health of the human body. A medical literature pointed out that both the source of electromagnetic wave from electrical equipment, high-voltage wire or household appliances, as long as the background of the electromagnetic wave in the environment of value is greater than 2 mm Gauss, will increase the incidence of leukemia. Science has reported that evidence shows that when electromagnetic waves exceed 60MHZ, it will cause damage to the structure of human cells, especially the effects of mobile phones on human brain, including memory loss and behavioral impairment.

In order to reduce the harm of electromagnetic wave, the absorbing material of electric wave is more and more used in all kinds of electronic products. Such as mobile phone, computer, microwave oven, signal base station and so on. What is the electromagnetic absorbing material? The electric wave absorbs the material by cutting the incident wave to reduce the energy of the wave, thus reducing the ability of the radio wave to be radiated outside. It can be attached to the surface of any electronic component that does not change the characteristics of the circuit. It can direct interdiction or weaken the EMI radiation source. It can cut the base shape with the needs of the mechanism.

Electromagnetic radiation pollution is one of the most difficult problems in the world. It is inevitable to contact the environment with electromagnetic pollution. The European Union CE and FCC in North America have made clear requests for electromagnetic compatibility and safety certification. Many company's product design ignored the EMI and safety regulations, which resulted in the market speed of products being greatly reduced. Wave absorption products can provide more convenient EMI solutions for electronic manufacturers.