Liaoning EO Technology Co.,Ltd

// TO EXPLORE What We Do? Liaoning EO Technology co., Ltd. Shenyang of Liaoning. We are a professional manufacturer of various packaging tapes. After 20 years of development, EO company has been expanding, and now is China's largest supplier of tape in the north, the products are exported around the world. Read More

Hot Products

    • China Jumbo Roll Bopp Tape

      China Jumbo Roll Bopp Tape

      Integrate the industrial chain to help the new future Coating based processing technology has been widely used in paper, functional membrane materials / diaphragm / foil, new adhesive materials (adhesive tape / protective film / optical film / sticky label, etc.), fabric / non-woven fabric and...

    • Breathable Medical Tape

      Breathable Medical Tape

      breathable, thin, conformable polyurethane film coated with gentle acrylate adhesive provided on a white paper liner as well as a clear poly carrier for premium appearance and handling.